Dissolvine chelates are powerful ingredients

Dissolvine products are powerful chelating agents for all sort of metal salts deposits that need to be removed.

Organic and inorganic metal salts can cause scaling problems in boilers, heat exchangers and other water circulation systems found in the power, brewing, sugar and dairy industries.

Dissolvine® chelating agents form stable, water-soluble metal complexes with all potentially harmful metal ions, dissolving existing scale formations and preventing new scales from forming.

Dissolvine® chelating agents are extensively used for industrial Cleaning In Place (CIP cleaning), descaling operations and metal pretreatment and they can operate fast at conditions were corrosion is not an issue. Working with chelates also has the advantage of saving time, as no multiple high and low pH cleaning steps are necessary.

Dissolvine® chelating agents are made in a variety of metal binding strengths and we can help you to choose the right one for your cleaning and descaling job.



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