Solvitar™ prevents against undesirable food spoilage reactions

Trace metals ions cause several spoilage reactions in food and beverages and degrade both quality and shelf life. Solvitar™, our high-purity food-grade chelate, forms a stable complex with the trace metal ions and prevents against undesirable food spoilage reactions.

Many processed food products suffer from spoilage reactions caused by trace metal ions, present in all processed food products from raw materials, process water and process equipment. 

Sauces and margarines

In fat-based products, like emulsified sauces and margarine, trace metal ions act as catalysts in the oxidation reaction of the fats and lead to rancidity. Especially poly-unsaturated fatty acids, like Omega-3, are highly sensitive for oxidation reactions and can be stabilized by the addition of Solvitar.

Fish and shellfish

Fish and shellfish products naturally contain high concentrations of metals. In combination with organic components in the seafood itself, this can cause off-flavors, bad odors, rancidity and discoloration.


Enzymatic browning of vegetables like mushrooms and artichokes is catalyzed by trace metal ions. In canned legumes and corn, discoloration is caused by the reaction of trace metal ions with organic components in the vegetables. Iron ions present in processed potatoes, both canned and frozen, can lead to darkening or graying of the potato surface. These unwanted effects can all be stopped with the addition of Solvitar™.

Soft drinks

In soft drinks, the addition of Solvitar™ can support vitamin C stabilization and minimize colour fading and flavour loss. In beer, Solvitar™ reduces gushing and promotes clarity. Solvitar™ can also prevent against spoilage reactions in pickles, stabilize spirits and liquors and stop graying and darkening of potato products.

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