Dissolvine® StimWell®, a unique stimulation fluid

Oil and gas production are being challenged by increasingly difficult conditions. Extreme temperatures and high pressure, expensive metallurgy of the tubular, extended reach wells and strict health, safety and environment regulations will dictate the future of the industry. Meet the requirements of this future today, with Dissolvine® StimWell®.

We have developed a unique stimulation fluid with high thermal stability and low corrosion potential which is both effective and environmentally-friendly.

Dissolvine StimWell combines all the advantages of conventional stimulation technologies and avoids the disadvantages associated with them. As a standalone fluid Dissolvine StimWell improves the permeability of both carbonate and sandstone formations by dissolving calcium carbonate and controlling iron at the same time.

Dissolvine® StimWell®:

  • Effectively improves the permeability of the formation
  • Causes no face dissolution
  • Is compatible with clays
  • Controls iron
  • Prevents sludge formation
  • Does not need many additives


In addition, and in contrast to currently used chemicals, Dissolvine® StimWell® has excellent properties:

  • High thermal stability
  • Low corrosion potential
  • Compatible with down-hole equipment
  • Effective across wide flow rates
  • Environmentally friendly characteristics

The biodegradation and eco-tox properties of Dissolvine StimWell meet the requirements for onshore and offshore application around the world. Overall, the combination of its unique properties and broad capabilities make Dissolvine StimWell The Perfect Stimulation Solution™.

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