Powerful and gentle ingredient in personal care and cosmetics

The next generation of products in personal care and cosmetics needs to be both powerful and gentle. With this in mind, we offer you our green Dissolvine® GL.

Dissolvine GL, an eco-premium product

Dissolvine GL is a shining example of a sustainable, innovative material that can add value to your product. It offers added value from an economic and ecological perspective and is therefore classified as an eco-premium product.

Transition metal ions can catalyze the degradation of ingredients used in personal care products. To counter this, Dissolvine chelating agents inactivate these undesirable metal ions, maintaining quality and improving shelf life time.

Dissolvine chelates also boost the performance of preservatives in liquid personal care products, lowering cost and toxicity and enhancing the public acceptance of the products.

Dissolvine Chelates capture hard water ions, increasing the stability of products and boosting the performance of surfactants of rinse-off products.



The advantages of Dissolvine GL in personal care and cosmetics

Dissolvine GL give you several advantages:

  • Boosts the performance of preservatives more than other chelating agents
  • Chelates calcium and transitions metal ions which helps to enhance the shelf-life of creams 
  • Helps stabilize and avoid discoloration in liquid and soap products.GL has a proven track record in stabilizing both leave-on and rinse-off personal care products. GL is the most green strong chelate in our portfolio.

Dissolvine GL is also free from genetically modified raw materials, does not irritating to skin or eyes and is readily biodegradable.

Dissolvine GL is listed under INCI as Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate and Tetrasodium Dicarboxymethyl Glutamate.

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