Dissolvine classic offer high efficiency and versatility 

Our classical Dissolvine® chelating agents (aminopolycarboxylates) give you outstanding performance in terms of cost-effectiveness and versatility.

Our classical Dissolvine chelating agents combine amine and carboxylic acid chemistry in one molecule. This powerful chemical combination yields aminopolycarboxylates (APCs), which form more stable complexes with metal ions compared to other chelating agents.

Because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility they are the most commonly used chelates. Compared to other less effective chelating agents, Dissolvine chelates are stable over a wider range of temperatures and pH values, have a stronger affinity for metals and are thus significantly more efficient. They also have good water solubility and are inert to most chemicals.

Dissolvine properties:

  • Stable over a wider range of temperatures and pH values
  • Stronger affinity for metals
  • Good water solubility
  • Inert to most chemicals

Our classical Dissolvine® chelating agents

Dissolvine chelates have been designed and fine-tuned to meet the needs of our customers. Our product range is extensive, including chelating agents and metal chelates, in various salt forms, in different purities and in both liquid and solid forms. What is more, we continuously develop new products to better meet requirements in specific application areas.

The classical Dissolvine product range

Dissolvine® Classic



The most widely used, very strong cost-effective and general purpose chelating agent.


A biodegradable chelating agent based on a carbohydrate. It is generally weaker than the aminopolycarboxylates (APCs) mentioned above. However, it exhibits an exceptional chelating ability for iron hydroxides and other transition metal ions at high pH. As with GLDA, the largest part of the molecule originates from a natural sustainable source.


A readily biodegradable chelating agent, effective when a relatively weak chelating agent can be used.


Recommended when an exceptional  strong chelating agent is needed, such as during peroxide bleaching of pulp. It remains more effective under oxidizing conditions. It is also especially suitable for descaling in oilfield applications.


A chelating agent with similar efficacy to EDTA, but labelled with less hazard phrases and pictograms. Particularly useful when high solubility is needed at low pH and for stabilizing iron ions at high pH.

Dissolvine® application areas

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