Dissolvine StimWell - the Versatile Stimulation Solution™

Dissolvine® StimWell® combines all the advantages of conventional stimulation technologies and avoids the disadvantages associated with the same technologies. Dissolvine StimWell also has a environmentally friendly profile.

The production of oil and gas is being challenged by increasingly difficult conditions. In many cases, conventional technologies no longer meet the requirements of the oilfield engineer or regulatory bodies. Nouryon has developed a unique stimulation fluid with high thermal stability and low corrosion potential which is both effective and environmentally friendly.

As a standalone fluid Dissolvine StimWell improves the permeability of both carbonate and sandstone formations by dissolving calcium carbonate and controlling iron at the same time.

Dissolvine StimWell combines the effectiveness of widely used acids such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) or mud acid with the ability to dissolve or prevent most types of problematic scales.

This double functionality makes Dissolvine StimWell an excellent acid stimulation fluid for both carbonate and sandstone reservoirs. As a standalone fluid it improves the permeability of these formations by dissolving calcium carbonate and controlling iron at the same time. In combination with HCl or mud acid, Dissolvine StimWell can serve as an iron controlling agent and prevent scale and sludge formation.

Dissolvine® StimWell for carbonate and sandstone formations:

  • Effective up to 400ºF
  • Very low corrosion
  • No face dissolution
  • Good iron control
  • No sludge formation
  • Minimum additives
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to handle
  • Cost effective
  • Field proven

Dissolvine StimWell - field proven technology

Dissolvine StimWell is a field-tested stimulation technology. Even in extreme field conditions our product is effective and has proven successful where treatments with conventional solutions have failed. Dissolvine StimWell combines numerous advantages and it is the best choice for you in terms of productivity, well integrity and environmental impact.

Reference: A vertical gas well in a deep, sour carbonate reservoir was successfully stimulated using Dissolvine® StimWell®.

More details can be read in our brochure

Dissolvine StimWell - with a perfect environmentally friendly profile

The effectiveness and convenience of using Dissolvine StimWell is coupled with its environmentally-friendly profile. Dissolvine StimWell has been extensively reviewed and studied for its impact on planet and people. The studies and regulatory reviews confirm its friendliness to plants, animals and humans.

We are proud to say that Dissolvine StimWell:

  • Is safe for people and planet
  • Is readily biodegradable
  • Qualifies for use in the North Sea
  • Does not require any extra safety precautions
  • Does not carry any hazard classifications


Next to being environmentally friendly, Dissolvine StimWell has excellent safety characteristics. Handling and transport can be done with relative ease and does not require extreme safety precautions. In contrast to other frequently used stimulation chemicals, Dissolvine StimWell does not carry any hazard classifications.

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