Chelates control the reactivity of metal ions

Metal ions have a powerful influence on chemical processes as well as on the performance of many products. A wide range of problems associated with metal ions can be solved by using our Dissolvine®, Dissolvine® StimWell, Ferrazone® or Solvitar® chelates; from improving the efficiency of pulp bleaching to cleaning dairies, from increasing crop quality and yields, to preserving food quality.

Chelates are chemicals that control the reactivity of metal ions. Dissolvine, Dissolvine StimWell, Ferrazone or Solvitar are brand names for products in this range.

As the word ‘chele’ implies (it’s Greek for crab’s claw) chelates seize a metal ion and control it, making it very difficult for another substance to liberate it. Dissolvine chelates form strong, water-soluble complexes that prevent undesirable precipitation, dissolve scale deposits and optimize oxidation processes. Our Dissolvine chelate product range includes chelating agents that bind and control metal ions, as well as metal chelates that introduce the right form of metal ions into a product or process.

This includes hard water metal cations calcium and magnesium, but also metals like iron or barium can form low water-soluble salts with hydroxides, carbonates, sulfates and phosphates that precipitate out of aqueous systems. These precipitates form scales that are extremely difficult to remove and reduce the efficiency of boilers and chemical processing equipment. When Dissolvine chelating agents are added to these systems, they complex the metal ions into a water-soluble form and dissolve the scale deposit so that it is removed in the cleaning process.

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